Anemia or Leukemia??

Anemia or Leukemia??
Teenager, Headaches often, cold all the time but gets very hot at night, to the point of sweating, and than i'll get chills later, bruising very easily, tired all the time (so not exercising as much, and feeling weak), pain in left side, around stomach area sometimes. not very hungry, and weight loss. Anemia?? Leukemia??? which is more likely, or is there something even more likely? i'm worried. (i'm going to the doctor, but i want some opinions first.) Thank you.

I'm not depressed, or diabetic.

- giannas42
Well I sure hope it's just anemia which is low iron of the blood. You don't want it to be Leukemia which is actually cancer of the blood. Actually it could be a vast amount of medical conditions. You need to go to a doctor and have some testing done. I would suggest you go sooner as opposed to later it could be something that gets worse the longer you wait.I'm sure they will get to the bottom of it. Good Luck!!

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