Blood, Anemia, Leukemia. Lots to read?

Blood, Anemia, Leukemia. Lots to read?
I'm 15 and I have iron-deficiency anemia. This is personal but I gotta say, I've been on my period for 3 weeks. I've had, let's just say an "accident" and ended up with a buncha cuts that made me lose alota blood. I've been feeling really sick lately. My fever keeps going on and off, I have the cough and sniffles. I am often tired though I get at least 7 hours of sleep or longer. I was diagnosed with anemia back in 6th grade. I want to know if I'll end up getting leukemia if I keep losing blood at this rate from my period? My aunt says I could get it, and her husband died from the same anemia as I did.

- indiechick
No, you can't get leukemia from losing blood. But you should go see a doctor to get the bleeding stopped and find out why you're bleeding for so long. But no, you aren't going to catch leukemia.

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