do you think I have leukemia?

do you think I have leukemia?
I went to the doctor because I was feeling tired all the time..like I could sleep for 12 hours wake up and want to go back to sleep within 2 hours. The doctor ran some blood tests and I can back in for my folloe up appt. She told me that my platelette count was high and I don't know what the technical term is but that I had a lot of baby cells (she said blood cells live 100 days and they go through different stages before they die and I had a high amount of baby cells) and she wanted to order another blood test to check to see if the results were the same and if they were she wanted me to see a hematologist. The blood results came back and this time she didn't see a lot of baby cells but my white blood count was very high. She has referred me to a hematologist and I should have an appointment in a few days but I am nervous. I have some of the symptoms..I bruise easily, I feel tired and weak all the time, I still eat and haven't lost weight but I don't know, I'm concerned. Any help out there? Do I have leukemia...or what do I have?

- JodiTee
I wouldnt jump to leukemia. It could just be some type of anemia, mono... something like that

First and for most it is not leukemia,but you do have some(I can not list here) haematological problem.
Best option is to get bone marrow aspiration and cytology done to clinch the actual cause.
As u have to visit haematologist he/she will decide and you will have final answer.
BUT IT IS NOT LEUKEMIA so relax.It helps.

- SG
EM, I just wanted to say that I completely empathize with your situation. I am going through the same thing! I feel exhausted all the time and have had a high white blood cell count. It is very frustrating. I've found that doctors don't take complaints about fatigue very seriously. If you find an answer, please let me know because we may have the same thing. Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon. SG

- E.S.S.T
its a possibility but you'll probably do a bone marrow aspiration and biopsey just to make sure. im really sorry hun hope everything workes out.

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