Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia???

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia???
I have most the symptoms up until tonight I hadn't developed the unexplained fever, I go to my Dr. Tues, after the blood test, what can I expect, a bone marrow? I'm a teen girl (my sisters account) I'm 13, and will treatment (if I have it) affect my fertility? I understand more than most teen girls, so feel free to speak medical terminology!
Weight loss and& loss of appetite
A LOT of unexplained bruises on my legs
Joint Pain/Bone Pain

I have these symptoms that were also listed on wikipedia!
I'm taking a guess, in my family, cancer seems to be a recurring thing, and I've been right so many times about what's wrong with me!
Why was one answer removed?????
i have my period yes, and ive always had a heavy period, but i take vitamins, and my bruises WON'T go away! i also have fevers 4 no reason, i go to the dr. tomorrow!
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