Brain tumor 14 years old?

Brain tumor 14 years old?
Im just so scared if I have brain tumor. 3 months ago I have 3 seizures, small mild ones happening only a nanosecond, and I have aura where I smell a really bad smell. I'm so scared I read my symptoms on wikipedia apparently all of them matched brain tumor. I lose my sleep over these worries. Besides that, my arms and legs usually jerks, and my eyesight has blurred visions and floating zigzags. OMG I'm hyperventilating right now. I don't want to die. I have headaches for a while now, a few weeks, everyday no doubt. A few days ago my eyes feel burning hot. I get constant ringing in my ears. My grandma has brain tumor she passed away partly of that, partly of diabetes. But shes old and they didnt check if its cancerous or not. IM scared mine is. I have double vision sometimes, sometimes only, lasting a few seconds and I blink and its over. OH GOD. HELP ME. My parents won't bring me to see a doctor or scan my brain, because they think Im paranoid because I've been pestering them for a few years that I might have leukemia, and other cancers, because I misread my symptoms as something else. I've been having the eye problem for a while now. The other symptoms were just a few months ago. Headaches. OMG. Pls say its nothing, pls say its just a neurological disorder and that it can be cured. OH MY GOD. They won't bring me, I'm scared Im crying really hard now, What am I going to do??????!!!!!!! OMG. Help me pls, help me.
At first when I get all these blurred vision I thought I have eye cancer. When I got these weird sensations in my body, I thought it was leukemia. When my feet jerk for no reasons and I get pain, I thought it was bone cancer. SO now I have all these symptoms that all applied to Brain tumor, I WOULD be scared. I know I'm paranoid for a reason. Please don't say I have anxiety or I'm just overreacting because I'm not, and I'm scared.

- Nurse For 20 Years
Okay, you really need to calm down because now all you're doing is making yourself into a big anxiety-ridden disaster. I'm certain that if your parents thought you were deathly ill, they would certainly take you to the doctor. But if you have had a habit of fixating on this type of thing for years not, its no wonder they don't take you to a doctor. Money is in short supply for everyone lately and do you realize what type of cost you are talking about for all those tests you want when nothing of the sort is even wrong?
Most of the symptoms you are describing are most likely due to anxiety. Not every little pain in your body is cancer or a tumor. You need to stop reading about all these diseases because all that does is help to convince yourself that you have everything.
If your parents really wanted to help you, they would get you in to see a qualified psychiatrist to help you with your problems. I am willing to bet that all your problems are psychologically made up in your own mind. Calm down.

IN ADDITION.....Okay, I just went back and read through your old questions and it is sadly apparent that you have an extremely abnormal fear of illnesses. What's even more interesting is that one of your questions indicates that you want more attention from your parents. That's what all this is really about.

- Kyle
So you haven't actually been diagnosed with a brain tumor, this is just something that you've come up with on your own? You should probably see a doctor if you're having the problems you describe, but until you do I would try to calm down.

A brain tumor on one of the cranial nerves could definitely cause at least some of your symptoms, but I can't see how a single tumor could cause all of them... I don't know. It does sound neurological, but I'm not a doctor and it's impossible to say without an MRI.

- Dean L
how can you have a seizure that last a nano second and how would you even know you had it ? I had seizures after a head injury they dont last a nano second ... i think you have a over active imagination ...relax

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