Can a ferret contract feline leukemia from an infected cat?

Can a ferret contract feline leukemia from an infected cat?
A friend of mine has a cat with feline leukemia. The animal has no actual symptoms of the desease and we wanted to introduce him to my ferret but we don't want to run the risk of the ferret contracting the illness.

- Edward
Feline Leukemia is actually a transmittable disease. Here is a link to more information on Feline Leukemia. Cats and ferrets are of different families, and therefore it would seem that they have as much similarity as a Cat and a Dog and cats according to the article cannot pass Feline Leukemia to dogs, therefore it makes sense that Cats couldn't pass the disease to Ferrets but you probably should ask a Vet. to be sure.

- wabbitqueen
Feline leukemia is not a type of cancer, like in humans. It is a transferrable disease similar to HIV. It is transferred though a bite or sharing a water bowl, or any othr activity where the animal might come in contact with the infected cat's saliva. I know humans and dogs cannot catch it, but I really have no idea about ferrets. Ask your vet.

- crystal & benjamin
no it cannot because leukemia is cancer and cancer isn't contagious. same concept as someone with skin cancer. you can't catch skin cancer from someone who got it by being out in the sun too much.

this is just a med student point of view, the cat and human have different pathophysiology

- girl_in_love
I read somewhere once a long time ago that they can't get feline leukemia, but they can get the flu from humans & canine distemper from dogs.

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