Dealing with a loss of a cat...?

Dealing with a loss of a cat...?
Recently I had a cat that had feline leukemia.. I did my best to make her comfortable for 2 years. The vet told me she had to go and I agreed. During this time I had another cat who didn't have leukemia and I kept both cats inside the house while KEELEE was still alive. Both of my cats were spayed and neutered. I have a doggie door and Thomas got out one day.. He never left the yard. So I thought it would be ok.. this went on for months.. But on Friday Thomas didn't come in.. I have searched everywhere calling the pound the shelter talking to neighbors posted signs and Sobbed like a baby... How do you deal with the loss of the unknown... During all this another kitten showed up and my door.. I have fed her but I can't let myself get close to her because I feel like that isn't fair to Thomas and I can't stand getting hurt.. I still can't quit crying my family thinks I am nuts.. But Thomas was/is an awesome cat.

- mary
Oh you poor darling, my heart breaks for you. I have had a similar experience, and honestly, nothing will heal your heart until you find another cat to love. It sounds like one has found you, so accept this little one into your heart and it will help heal it. I put off getting another kitten when my cat died, cos I felt disloyal; after 6 months of tears and loneliness, I got another one, and she's now the love of my life.

- abercrombie2177
I totally understand how you feel as my cat died of feline leukemia on new years, and shortly afterward I found two baby kittens. I didn't want to get close to either one of them, either, but sometimes you have to just let go. Some people don't always realize it, but when you have animals, you can get just as attached and love them as you would your own children, and sometimes it's hard to deal with a loss like that. This is definitely a time to grieve for you sweety, just as you would if your mom or your dad passed away. Don't be ashamed or upset because your family thinks you are nuts; it's not fair, nor is it right, for them to judge you and belittle you like that because an important member of your family passed away. They may not have been attached to KEELEE (I hope thats right) the way that you were, but that's like you saying that they are nuts because their child died or something. It's unfair, and it's hard to deal with sometimes, especially if you had a bond with your cat, which it's apparent that you did, as one would have with their child. The best thing for you would be to grieve the loss... It's a normal thing, even if your family thinks you are crazy, because you aren't. You're hurting... I was, too, when my cat passed away. It's scary to just lose a pet to an illness, and suddenly another one goes missing. But you've done all you can to find Thomas, and since you haven't, the only thing left for you to do is grieve, and then try to move on. I am sorry about your loss. God bless and take care...

- Terry R
My condolences in the loss of your kitty. I have never had one run away but I have had more than one Euthanized. It's tough and you have a right to greive. Sounds like this new kitty came looking for you. There is a reason this new one showed up. It need a home apparently and you weather you know it or not need a new kitty to love. One pet never takes the place of another one but they all find a special place in your heart. Good luck honey......

- Phoebhart
My cat once disappeared for 10 days and came back al bedraggled and hungry. I too had almost lost hope that I'd ever see him again. But he came back and is still with me now. Who knows? Thomas may have been locked in someone's garage or shed and is waiting for a chance to get out again. I have also heard of some cats coming back to their homes after an absence of months! These cats are usually fed by someone in the neighborhood. The cat keeps going back and one day, whoever is feeding the cat decides to keep the cat! Until the cat "remembers" his real home and makes his way back there. Keep praying. Thomas may yet come back.

- Anna R
I know how it feels to lose a cat. I lost my kitten Princess. I was crying at home and school. I couldn't sleep. Try to rememeber all the days you spend wit your cat.

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