Do you know of anyone who had radioiodine therapy?

Do you know of anyone who had radioiodine therapy?
My girlfriend is going to undergo radioiodine treatment for her cancer. In this regard, what are the short / long term effects?....And when the therapy is done, do you happen to know anyone who had a recurrence of cancer in the form of leukemia or lung cancer?
My girlfriend had total thyroidectomy 2 months earlier (total removal of both thyroid glands) and the biopsy result showed that the cancer had spread to the nearby lymph nodes.

- SatAtmaKaur
All i know is that women should not attempt to get pregnant until 6 months has passed from the treatment. But discuss this with the oncologist. Your girlfriend will need Thyroxin
hormone as a form of tablet every day for the rest of her life, as there will be no hormone production in the thyroid gland, especially if they plan to remove the thyroid later (thyroidectomy).
I am not aware of any recurrence of leukemia or other cancers, but this is something that you could discuss with the oncologist. Write all the questions down and demand an answer :)
Some patients who have hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) also undergo radioactive iodine treatment.

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