Feline lymphoma and leukemia connection in young cats...?

Feline lymphoma and leukemia connection in young cats...?
I had a cat who was only one year old when died of lymphoma of the kidneys (and he died within a couple of months of being diagnosed, despite treatment). He tested negative for the feline leukemia virus (FeLV). I also have his brother who was born in the same litter. His brother appears healthy, and also tested negative for FeLV.

However, is it possible that the cat with lymphoma truly did NOT have FeLV? Isn't it unlikely that he would get sick enough to die from lymphoma at only one year old otherwise?

I am worried that his brother will develop lymphoma or currently has feline leukemia as well, despite the negative test. Is it possible that the other kitten really only had lymphoma and that mine could be unaffected?

- Kit Sokudo
Just like people, cancers can affect cats early. Children get cancers, so can young cats. It is very sad when it happens though.

- J C
Cancer affects random cats, just like it affects random people. The disease we call FeLV is *not* the same as the cancer we call Leukemia. If your cat tests negative for FeLV, that means that they do not have that immune-system virus, not that they do or do not have a cancer. The cat with lymphoma was just an unlucky cat, and unless they came from a seriously inbred litter, his brother will probably be unaffected.

- Marina
Really in 30 percent of cases lymphoma there is a negative test on Fe LV. It is very sad when such young animals perish, I condole with you. Hope that other cat there will be a good health.

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