How bad is stage 4 Leukemia?

How bad is stage 4 Leukemia?
I would like to know how bad stage 4 is? The doctor said that my grandma has a high platelet count which means that she would have gone up from stage 1 to stage 4 in just couple of days. The doctors say that it could be a Pesticides and that they could take it out and it would be better. Do you think that could be it?
appendicitis not pesticides, sorry

- bmac
Stage 4 is the last stage of cancer. I have never heard of going from stage 1 to 4 in a couple of days....? And pesticides? I think you had better talk to your parents.

I'm sorry that your grandma is so sick. I'll say a prayer for her.

- DR V
There is no stage 5. Did your doctor say stage 4 or are you deducing that? Appendicitis is easy to diagnose and is usually operated on immediately. I hope you have all the facts. Talk to your parents a lot at a time like this. They might be your best friends now.

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