How does leukemia affect the lymph nodes?

How does leukemia affect the lymph nodes?
I have a nickle sized enlarged lymph node behind my right ear that has been there for almost a year. It is hard and doesn't hurt.I also have several other swollen lymph nodes that just started showing up in the past month. I am worried that it could mean something seriouse. Please don't tell me to go to the docter because I am going to I just want to have an idea on what they might be.

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I am not sure I know how Lymphoma affects your lymph nodes but I honestly don't think leukemia does. You should go to the leukemia lymphoma website to get further information.


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leukemia tumor cells like any other tumor cells tend to infiltrate and attack nearby tissues and since the lymphatic system has an immune role and lymph nodes are the stations where immune system try to imprison the strange tumor cells but body can't kill them like bacteria or viruses so they continue to grow and increase the size of the lymph nodes so they are big and hard and not painfull .read more about leukemia here in my blog and it has also many useful links http://leukemiadoc.blogspot.com/

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