If you're anemic, do you have a higher risk of getting leukemia?

If you're anemic, do you have a higher risk of getting leukemia?
I was recently diagnosed with anemia. My grandpa died from leukemia about 7 years ago and was wondering if anemia was a possible symptom of leukemia.

- Samantha
It depends on what type of anemia you have. There is Aplastic Anemia which is when the bone marrow doesnt make enough RBCs(red blood cells). This may need a bone marrow transplant if you have it severly. One that is most common in African Americans is Sickle Cell Anemia though it happens in Caucasian, Saudi Arabian, Indian, and Mediterranean descent. What they do is give you drugs for it or if you want a cure you might get a bone marrow transplant. But under a special diet it you can help it. If your in pain they will give pain relivers, blood transfusion, and supplemental oxygen. If you have any more questions just ask!! Hope I was of help!

- bbeeccccaa86
Hi Rebecca,
To start off, if you are anemic, it doesn't mean you have a higher risk of getting leukemia. However unexplained anemia can sometimes be a symptom of leukemia. I was diagnosed with anemia about 10 months ago and my doctor told me that there are three reasons for anemia: firstly it could be that you're internally bleeding (which could also mean you have heavy periods), secondly you may have a poor diet and thirdly you may not be absorbing it and therefore have a problem within your blood. Personally my anemia is quite severe and has to be monitored as they think there's a possibility I may have leukemia or lymphoma but it depends on everyone's personal case. Don't stress too much, you'll probably be told to take iron supplements and be tested within a couple of months to see what your levels are then. If you have any queries let me know, I'd be happy to help!

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