Is this a sign of cancer?

Is this a sign of cancer?
I have a question and I'm so scared. My mom has had high platelets (sp?) count for almost 3 years and they have decreased in the past few months and increased again and the doctor said it is nothing to be worried about but I'm scared that it could be cancer. She had a blood test done and her white blood cell count and red blood cell count is good, only platelet count is increased. Her doctor told her to take baby aspirin until her next appointment which is in March. He also said that at appointment he will do another blood test and if the platelet count is still increased he will do a bone marrow biopsy to make sure it is not a start of leukemia. It may however not be necessary to do a biopsy if the platelets decrease with the use of aspirin. I am so worried. Is high platelet count a sure sign of cancer? I know that we will know for sure in March after we do another blood test but'm really worried. My mom has also had problems with blood when she was younger nothing too alarming and my grandmother (her mother) has had low white blood cell count but it has increased, and it is not cancer. My mom is 45 and my grandmother is 70 if thats any help.
She has also had fever quite often although she did have an urine infection few months ago and an allergy. I appreciate all the answers and advice. Thank you.

- Kelly
I don't think you have anything to worry about, and if the doctor says it is okay then it probably is. I wish you the best!!!

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