Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?
I will be in my first marathon. Please go to my web page and help me raise funds for a cure for Cancer.


Thank you so much.

- roger =)
I will check out your link , thx

while you are running you might run into someone who used to have ms but can now run again thanks to low dose naltrexone , and you might be running with someone who had late stage pancreatic cancer spread to the liver and told nothing could be done , that is until they learned about low dose naltrexone and found a md to prescribe it to them , or some folks who used to have all sorts of autoimmune disorders like crohns or lupus or ra, before low dose naltrexone , ldn is non toxic , low cost and effective , clinically proven to stop ms with no side fx and many cancers that are late stage ,

Neurologist , oncologist , medical doctors , phd's , researchers , patients , etc,,, are trying to get the word out about LDN !
the problem is that ldn is out of patent , and no drug company is going to pour multi millions into an out of patent drug that they cannot profit from .
low dose naltrexone cost 25 to 40 dollars a month and it is here now , it is a powerful tool against many cancers , with no bad side fx , look it up on yahoo and yahoo groups and yahoo video , this is real , it is being prescribed in the usa and worldwide with amazing success in a variety of cancers and autoimmune disorders , if nothing else , at least learn about it yourself ! the future is now with ldn

oh yea , I read that cancer docs can buy chemo at wholesale and then jack the price way up to the patient , it was an nbc story , look it up , its sad but true .

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