Low WBC/RBC ratio in my cat?

Low WBC/RBC ratio in my cat?
My cat has been acting lethargic for about 2 months. He is about 1 1/2 years old. He spent a weekend at the vet 3 weeks ago and he had a fever that was brought down, but his WBC count was low and his RBC count was normal. AIDS, leukemia and distemper were all negative. The vet has done a full workup and all tests were negative. The vet doesn't seem to know what to test for anymore. I am planning on getting a second opinion, but was hoping someone here might have a thought on it.

- Chalice
A low white blood cell count is normal - WBCs are high when infection is present, so this is another test that doesn't tell you anything.

If the vet doesn't know what to do next then your only option is a second opinion - 'lethargy' is such a vague sign I'm not surprised a vet would have trouble pinning the cause down, and I'd be doubly astonished if anyone on here had anything useful to say I'm afraid. Follow that second opinion - ask your vet if they can recommend anyone, it's their duty to refer if a case is beyond their scope.


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