My little dog has leukemia?

My little dog has leukemia?
my 1 year old puppy just was diagnosed with leukemia today.
how long will he be able to live w/o chemo.?
like yesterday and for a couple of weeks, he wouldn't eat or drink, but now he goes to eat and he wouldn't walk around and be alert but now he is. he is acting normal but he still looks tired.
vet didn't say how long he could live.

- Creativecathy
OMG i don't know the answer to your question but i am soo sorry for you and your family, i hope things go well without much suffering

=( i dont know.poor dogy make the last days his best days !

- mike
listen i dont know but i would call a vet for a real Professional answer. sorry bout the dog

- ChichiMom
I would have thought your vet would have already given you this info,You could look this up on the internet.

- tweety bird
I am so sorry. Having pets is so hard sometimes. Hasn't your vet been able to help you with this question? If I were you, I'd research online everything there is to find out about canine leukemia. Possibly, there is something that has helped other pet owners in your situation. Take care, hon.

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