need to chat with family that has leukemia?

need to chat with family that has leukemia?
my nephew was just diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) this a rare childhood cancer that requires 3 years of intense outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy treatment

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Look into the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They have great patient services, including financial assistance and counseling. I included the link to their website. Good luck!

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I just read the touching story of a young lady that survived cancer she has it in her blog it may give u hope


- J.S.
Thankfully I have never had cancer and I have not gone through chemotherapy myself but my 2 year old son E has gone through many rounds of it. As a baby he had a Wilms' Tumour - a childhood kidney cancer and successfully beat his cancer with chemotherapy and a nephrectomy of his left kidney containing the entire baseball-sized tumour. Due to the strong doses of chemo drugs, he developed a secondary AML leukemia (closely related to ALL) in December and he's currently doing very well in his fight. To treat this and its effects he has gone through 3 rounds of induction chemo, 3 rounds of consolidation chemo, starting his 4th right now, and he has had a splenectomy. And right now he's in remission!

I've picked up quite a bit on what really goes on in these hospitals and I've had to make a lot of tough decisions for my son. I know cancer isn't easy even though I've thankfully never had it myself. You're more than welcome to IM me (crazycanuckj) or send me an email (crazycanuckj@yahoo.ca). I hope treatment goes well for your nephew!

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