Please help with these weird symptoms I am scared?

Please help with these weird symptoms I am scared?
First of all, I have epilepsy and had some traumatic experiences this year which has left me paranoid about my body. bare with me I need to explain. I am 26 years old I have not lost any weight and my appetite is fine.

A few weeks ago my glands in my neck (lymph nodes) were swollen little lumps that moved and squishy. My psychiatrist looked at them and said if they are still there in 2 weeks to see a Dr.

I went to a walk in clinic and had blood work done. It all came back negative, good platlete count, good blood thickness, no high levels of white blood cells.. they were fine. So they said it is probably a virus or baterial infection, I am now on anti-biotics.

The thing is, I am worried I have leukemia or cancer.. though the Dr and nurse practitioner said there is no way I do (would the blood tests I had done show this ? ) The reason is, I have a large bruise on my knee, I have dry skin around my neck and weird on the skin lumps that the Dr saw that are not spots, one under my hair line and 2 symerical on my shoulders.

I can put this down to all the weird stuff I put on my short hair, or the baterial infection, my skin everywhere else is good. But I read online that rash and itchiness is a sign of leukemia, I have itchiness but I always have this as an aura before a seizure.

Other concern lung cancer. Would blood tests show this ? I smoke almost a pack a day, and in the morning I have a cough and rattly lungs deep down and aches. I have smoked 3 years with a 6 month break.

Can someone confirm the blood tests rule out all this stuff, and that i may be paranoid since I am now checking my body all the time ? or do you think it could be something more serious blood tests would not show ?

the skin around my neck where my hair is is very dry i have put weird stuff on my hair lately, but still concerned
even if my back is sore ? from smoking ?
memere can you please email me at 4ReasonBeing@gmail.com i want to discuss this with you, and I thank you for your reply, I will explain and would love you to perhaps help me put things in perspective

- Denisedds
You're right about being paranoid. Your symptoms do not indicate cancer of any kind.
To answer your question - your blood work would not be normal if you had leukemia. Lung cancer doesn't show up in blood work, but 0.2% of lung cancers occur in people under 35 and when they do it has nothing to do with smoking. You are taking minor symptoms and blowing them out of proportion.

- Memere RN/BA
Please don't take offense, but that psychiatrist you talked about, have you talked about hypochondria? you sound like one of these people who imagine they have every disease out there. I'm good at spotting you, my daughter is a hypochondriac big time. Do you realize that mind over matter is a very real thing? If you constantly believe you have these problems, one of these days it will happen and then you're going to say to people "See, I told you so>" when in actuality, you brought it on yourself. You have to stop worry about what might be or could be and concentrate on your health now. Be thankful you're not in a wheel chair, or home bound. Go visit nursing homes, or children's hospitals, get your mind off these things. You shound like you have to much time on your hands and you stay home and dwell on the possiblility that you have all these disease you imagine. I bet you even take your pulse don't you. Talk to someone, You will find that you're not so worse off. E-mail me if you wish. I am retired, but I was a geri-psych nurse for 30+ years with a lot of experience under my belt. Thinks about. Be blessed

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