Types of cancer that progress rapidly?

Types of cancer that progress rapidly?
What types of cancers can progress very rapidly? I don't mean the time from diagnosis to the demise of the patient is short, but rather the time from the onset (actual beginning of the cancer development, even if not diagnosed) to the demise of the patient. For example, it seems to me sarcoma is one, and acute leukemia? What else?

- mwinterwolf2004
small cell squamous in the lungs ... one of the fastest growing cancers of the respiratory system

- 10S NE 1?
also pancreatic cancer...

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Many "types" of cancer are rapidly progressing, since there are generally many sub-types of each type of cancer.

For example, breast cancer. There are slow-growing types (often hormone positive breast cancers are slow-growing) and fast-growing types (Her2-Neu positive breast cancers are very aggressive).

But fast-growing and aggressive does not equate to demise. Often research is focused on these aggressive cancers because they can be so deadly. Some great new therapies have been developed to treat them, such as Herceptin.

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Pancreatic and lung cancer.

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