ugh trolls!?

ugh trolls!?
Why are there so many people that say they are someone, then 10 minutes later turn around and say they are 10 years older than the last question?! Is this their way of getting attention or something because it is pretty annoying to seriously answer one question about a 12 year old girl, then go back to the forum and see that the same person has written a different question about a 22 year old girl. It is kind of annoying just because I seriously answer some questions then just go back to see that the person probably wasnt serious? Anybody know what I mean? Does this annoy anybody else?!
For example I just answered a question about a 15 yr old girl with leukemia, came back she asked a question about filling a large cut with super glue, then another one about a 20 year old who hasnt started her period. So annoying! And these 3 questions were all within 10 minutes!

- acc fan
I understand your frustration. I try to seriously and helpfully answer questions for people who need help, and it's galling that some people think it's funny to make up crap to get attention. Then if you call them out for being a troll, they report you.

- fundaze
Yes I completely understand. But for their sake this is a website to inquire about various topics and are intitled to ask and find out whatever they want, it's just how they approach it (pretending to be someone they aren't). But if that is how they feel comfortable asking such questions, so be it.
For me it's more of those "Am I pretty" questions. I know they are just looking for acceptance, justification or just plain self-confidence. But there are a few out there who are totally full of themselves. Those just bug me..

- vincepac601
they have nothing else to do

- jayb
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