unexplained bruising on forearms?

unexplained bruising on forearms?
my wife got a huge bruise all down the inside of her right forearm about amonth ago. just last week she got another similar bruise on the inside of her left forearm. she says she didn't bump in to anything. she had a bloodtest done and we are awaiting results but i'm worried it is something bad like leukemia. if it was, wouldn't there be other bruises on other parts of her body? or other symptoms. she seems fine other than this. the top of her forearm is painful which would make me think that it was a bump in to something and the blood is gathering on the underside of her forearme because of gravity. but she says she didn't hit anything. she just had a baby two months ago, but i don't think that has anything to do with it. anyone have any ideas?

- coral_deolali
contact good dermatologist

- kamal
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