what is the deadly/disgusting/painfull cancer in the lists?

what is the deadly/disgusting/painfull cancer in the lists?
Anal Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Brain Tumors
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Colon Cancer
Endometrial Cancer
Esophageal Cancer
Gallbladder Cancer
Head and Neck Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Liver Cancer
Lung Cancer
Melanoma Skin Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Penile Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Testicular Cancer
Thyroid Cancer
Vaginal Cancer
Vulvar Cancer

- git along gal
The worst cancer is the one that the iindividual person has.. all do terrible things to the body. All are painful. and all can be relieved with drugs, to some small extent. I would NEVER characterize cancer as disgusting, how does that make the person who has it feel? I had breast cancer and the pain was ok. (at age 46) My husband died of Pancreatic cancer (age 50)and the pain was horrendous. and if you want to call it disgusting, I suppose this one would qualify, vomiting and direah all day long.

- Simmi
I think that I agree with the first writer. What ever cancer you are dealing with is the worst. My father, mother, husband, sister, me and quite a few people have had cancer. I think it is awful which ever it is.

- mistered1133
I would think your brain tumor must be painful.

- mel
Totally agreed with the former. My dad died of mesothelioma and my mom is battleing lymphoma right now. I think the big difference isnt in how the person feels but how far we've come in treatment that gives hope. I never want to be diagnosed with cancer but if I had my choice I know lymphoma goes into remission a lot and mesothelioma WILL kill me. I look at pancreatic cancer as a death sentence also.

- simonw
By the time you have advanced cancer, if it ever happens to you, remember all these funny little questions you asked .

Cancer hurts, so you take meds and it hurts, so you take more meds and it is so painful that you cannot think straight and you don't care what it is or where it is until the pain can go away.


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