what is a good team name?

what is a good team name?
I am a (almost 3 years) leukemia survivor and I got a wish from the make a wish foundation last year and they took me on a Mediterranean cruise to Europe. They are having a walk in Feb next year and I want to make a team to raise money to give back to them! I'm trying to think of a good team name for my team! any suggestions would help! I'm wanting a name with character. It would be nice to be funny or something :)

last year I did a walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and my team name was "Chemo Burnz" but I think that name is too dark for a Children's walk for wishes. lol

so yeah, any suggestions would be great! thanks :)

- Old_But_Not_wise
The Leuk Skywalkers ??

- nicky
-popeyes: yes u may be bald, but keep eating your spinach you will be strong and survive.

corny lol i tried

- Faith Warrior
First of all please know that it is of God's love and mercy for you that you are doing well...I hope you continue to do well and live a long and wonderful life.....

Give all the praise and glory to God...how about "walk with God and walk with hope"

God bless you always!

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