What is wrong with me?

What is wrong with me?
I am fourteen years old. I am a type one diabetic. My sugar levels are great, ever since I got the insulin pump. But lately around the couple of months, I have been experiencing very extreme tiredness, causing me to be moody and cranky. I am a athletic person so it is ruining my lifestyle, by sitting around or lying in bed all the time.

I have puffiness around the eyes, like its red but my eyes are itchy, I'm really not sure if it is too do with hay fever or not. Also on the lower part of my neck, its a bit sore. Also my bones and muscles hurt really bad. I was scared about leukemia but I have no bruises what so ever. My skin is dry, especially around the eyes. My joints hurt.

But then while I was on the net, looking for possibilities, I came across something about the thyroid gland, I know diabetics like myself, have a higher risk of having problems with it.
I can't be too sure, I also thought I could be anemic, because I hate most meat foods and don't eat a lot of fruit. So I am taking iron pills, I started yesterday, but I just feel so tired, I could collapse on the floor and pass out.

Please I am confused, I know I will have to go to a doctor, I am getting blood tests soon, to test for kidney disease, thyroid and celiacs disease. Also since I'm fourteen will my symptoms relate to the childrens ones or the adults ones. Because they relate more to the adult ones.

Yeah, once again I know you can't diagnose me but please give me a opinion, thanks :)

- Jen Jen
the best thing to help you figure out what could be wrong, go to webmd.com there's a part of the site that helps you with that. it has a human body and you can kinda point out the areas of your body where you feel pain or whatever it is that you're feeling! i hope everything's ok with you and i'm sorry to hear about your diabetes. My dad had kidney disease and got a transplant in '06, but he's back on the waiting list. It's not easy. So i hope everything turns out good for ya!

- Sam1x
Nothing, your great!... You worry alot!... Did you realize?... The human body is amazing!!! It Is Designed to keep functioning!!! Designed to keep you alive!!! It is incredibly great at healing and continual self regeneration!!! Your body is amazing and so are You!

It is the stress caused from worrying about stupid sh*t that make me want it to end...Take it from someone who has tried to terminate his body in a variety of way. (multiple poisonings, electrocution, starvation, etc.) The f'in thing just heals, rejuvenates, and regenerates!

Do somethin for me, but mostly for you! don't spend your life expecting to die. Live your life accepting your alive now! Embrace your life! Love yourself! If you were to focus all this mental energy on embracing your life, on enjoying the things your doing, you would be so much happier!!! Be excited about life, appreciating all the good things...Good things about your life! and good things about you! Spend some time remembering and appreciating all that's great! most important, Go and Do whatever makes you happy.

The Human Body is Amazing!!! and so areYou!!!

Be Well

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