what would you do if your boyfriend had leukemia [cancer]?

what would you do if your boyfriend had leukemia [cancer]?
i am 18 years old i just graduated high school and just turned 18. my boyfriend of over a year and half was diagnosed with leukemia which is cancer in february. how would you deal with this. i stay with him everyday at the hospital. would you do this for your boyfriend? if you had to choose going to college or helping your boyfriend what would you do? im taking a year off so its okay for me. but its so stressful. im so far from my family and friends it sucks badly.

- Cory
If you love him, you will stay with him and be there for him till the end.

I got an email the other day about a woman with terminal cancer who got married to her love. She died about a week after. It was both heart breaking and heart warming at the same time.


- jtlover28
I would stay with him, but only if I was sure that we had a future together, and that I loved him. What your doing is really sweet. Use whatever time you have to calm down and de-stressify (He-he) yourself. If you feel that it sucks so badly then maybe you don't belong together. Keep in contact (Calling/email/text/IM all that stuff) with your family and friends and meet them whever you can. Good luck. This sucks

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