Why are parents still not vaccinating their children?

Why are parents still not vaccinating their children?
How scary is this. Diseases such as red measles are making a come back because of misinformed parents who believe that vaccines cause autism. There is NO proven link!! If there was, you'd be seeing more autism in the thousands upon thousands of the children that are vaccinated every day. Unvaccinated children get autism too.
Anyway, CNN just posted this article saying that Haemophilus influenzae B (HIB) is now making a come back, and has already killed one child and infected 4 others. This could all be prevented with vaccines. So scary. And these unvaccinated children are putting the immunosuppressed children at risk (young babies and children with leukemia and other disorders) So scary!!!!


- #1 Babysitter
My mother does not vaccinate us (7 kids) because one the disease is very rare. Second we don't know what is in the vaccine. We recently found out (the vaccine they give teens at school) contains, animal brains, pig, and other bad things. We also don't take vaccines because of religious views.

Melyssa: Vaccination has a lot to do with religious views. In my case, we are Christian cammandment keepers and we do not eat pork, animal brains and many other "foods". Therefore, most of that is put into the vaccine.

- Deliciously N
Because some parents are ignorant and believe celebrities like Jenny McCarthy instead of scientists.

- Apple Juice
Well, my husband is allergic to penicillin... who's to say our baby isn't allergic to the vaccinations. It is possible and does happen you know. BUT we still get OUR baby vaccinated, because I think the risks far outweigh the allergy possibility! That's why they tell you to hang around afterwards!

- Heather
It was only a matter of time. This disease along with many others are the reason we vaccinate. Although I see no correlation between Autism, and vaccines, I would rather my daughter have Autism, then be killed by one of these diseases.

I don't blame them. I do not trust these. I don't take the flu one either.

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