A blood test recently showed that I had anemia. Could leukemia have been overlooked?

A blood test recently showed that I had anemia. Could leukemia have been overlooked?
I'm showing a lot of signs of leukemia. I'm having constant headaches, night sweats, stomach aches, and have frequent bruising on my legs. I didnt mention these to my doctor, but the cbc showed that i had anemia. Is leukemia still a possibility?

- Santino
They would have noticed, as white blood cells are examined as well.
Anemia might justify all your symptoms...
jeez :)

get well ^^

- dreamer
why didn't you ask your doctor, go back and tell them this!! ...But also think have you always been a person to get headaches? maybe you have night sweats and stuff because its mental, worrying that you have leukemia.

- olympics junkie
Why didn't you mention the symptoms you are experiencing to your doctor?? Do you expect him to read your mind?? You are paying him for his expertise, but if you don't give him all the info, how can you expect reliable advice?? please notify him of what has been happening so he can evaluate things with all the data. Its possible he didn't order tests that might show a leukemia because you didn't indicate by the reported symptoms that it was a possiblility..

- lc_sar
A leukemia would have been picked up on the CBC. Headaches, night sweats and stomach aches can be associated with many things, but are often simply the result of stress, anxiety or depression. I'm guessing you are in high school or college? Many students go through very similar experiences - I know I wondered about leukemia and lymphoma at various times when I was in college!

Anemia is extremely common, especially in women. Did your doctor check your ferritin? Usually anemia in women is due to iron deficiency. Did your doctor mention anything about iron supplements? I know I noticed a huge difference after about a month or so of taking iron (although the first couple of weeks were a little rough as they can cause constipation and stomach pain, but it's worth it to put up with it for a couple of weeks because you'll feel SO much better!)

Another thing that can cause headaches, night sweats and nausea/vomiting is hormonal fluctuations. Are you on birth control? If so, how long have you been on it? Do you take any other medications?

At the very least, make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. It sounds simple but it's so HUGE in preventing symptoms like yours. Also, try to reduce stress and deal with any possible sources of anxiety. If you think you might be depressed, talk to your doctor.

A good resource for preventing anxiety and depression is www.moodgym.anu.edu.au/ - it is free and employs techniques used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which have been proven to be very effective (and usually you have to pay a lot for the therapy!). If you're having problems with registering, use Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer.

I hope this helps, and I hope you feel better! Remember, your doctor is NOT psychic and will not try to dig around and pull all possible information from you - there are so many things to ask about, you would be there forever. Be straightforward with your doctor - even to the point of saying "I'm wondering if I could have leukemia." You're doctor won't think you're crazy, but will most definitely appreciate your honesty!

- misscacazzy
tell your dr,although anemia can give you these symptoms,have they told you if there is a reason for your anemia....they would have done a full blood work up but i would go back tell him make sure white blood count done.....

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