I am 14weeks w #2, had an ultrasound: possible downs syndrome?! any advice? thank you! ?

I am 14weeks w #2, had an ultrasound: possible downs syndrome?! any advice? thank you! ?
Ok, so like it says the doctor said there is a possibility of down syndrome.

They did an ultrasound on wed and said something about the back of the baby's neck was thicker than they would like to see so they took blood from me to find out how high the risk of down syndrome is.

I wont get the results back till next wed, so they basically left me wondering for 2full weeks about my baby.

of course the baby will be loved, cared for, and treated the same either way, it still worries me.
i mean- who wouldn't worry about there little baby having to go through that in life?

Im not much of a worry wart, until it comes to my kids. When i was pregnant with my daughter i even made them count her fingers and toes so i knew she had ten. I was 2 months pregnant worrying what if my baby ever got sick, or got leukemia, or even a broken bone? i would freak out over the thoughts of it so obviously im not doing a good job with this.

i can except it if he/she does happen to have downs, but the worry is driving me crazy!! i just want to know either way already so i can prepare myself and my family. I don't know anything about having a newborn with special needs but i am also looking it up.

another thing is my daughter will only be 16months old when this little one is born, so the thoughts of that doesnt help either. (A newborn and a 1 1/2yr old!)

i guess im just lookin for advice or something to calm me down. =/

thank you all.

- I'm a Soldiers Wife
Honey I am praying for you. I really don't have the answer you are hoping for but no one really does. That is something we are not able to tell you. I would hate myself if I happened to give you false information and made you worry more or made you not worry.
Either way you are going to worry. I think the best thing is just to wait for the blood results to come back. I know it is stressful and you wish there was an immediate answer, but there really isn't. I am the same way so I understand.
I know you are a good mommy and that this baby no matter what will be loved and taken well care of. I know it would help if you knew right now though.
I wish you the best of luck with everything! And I'm sorry I wasn't much for advice. I just wanted to let you know that I am here if you wanna talk or anything okay? Not trying to be creepy or anything. I can just imagine how you are feeling right now thats all.
You will be in my prayers :)

- mimuful
Hello...I did the same thing through my twin pregnancy because of all the possible complications with twins. I actually ended up going full term and worried over nothing...none of the twin complications happened. But then found out a year later that something serious was wrong with my daughter and she has a condition that will have her seriously disabled her entire life. Much, much worse than Down Syndrome. And she is the love of my life! I wouldn't trade her for the world. Just know that if your baby does have DS, there is nothing you can do to change it. If your love your child and do all you can he/she will have a great life! I see so many DS kids out and about doing so well and am envious because my daughter will never have that. So if its DS, embrace it, research it, and love your child. Thats all you can do and trust me, it will be more than enough.

- Captain Obvious
I would abort, and then allow God to send the child back to me in a healthy body when I next concieve.

I would not let my child live a life like that.

but i wish you all the luck in the world.

- justlovelcr
They told me my 10 year old had Downs. His dad said don't have him. SO I left the dad and I did have him and guess what ---he is perfect. he is diagnosed autistic. But I love him just the same. he is tough and it makes no difference to me that he has his issues where the other 5 have none he is perfect. And if he would have had downs --fine--its just an early way for us to prepare for it-not to not love or anything else. My kids mean the world to me---they are perfect to me despite their issues they have. Love that baby no matter what!!

- SaxPlayer
I didn't read the whole question,
My friend's sister in law had an ultrasound and they said there was a good chance the baby had something wrong (Edwards Syndrome, I believe)
and it turned out to be nothing!
The Ultrasound machine wasn't working right, or the baby was in a different position or something like that,
Just PRAY about it,
it makes the world of a difference.

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