Can lack of sleep cause LEUKEMIA?

Can lack of sleep cause LEUKEMIA?
My mom always says, "go to sleep already!! I'm telling you ur gonna get leukemia soon if you keep staying up late!!"

ugh soo annoying.. but i wonder.. DOES lack of sleep cause leukemia?

- kkaylalynn

- Wyoming Kid
your mom is so dumb she should be hospitalized for mental retardation

- Tonya B
Leukemia is cancer of the blood so therefore NO!

- Kansas
No. Leukemia is a form of cancer, which is caused by genetic mutations in certain cells in your body. Not sleeping cannot cause these mutations (NOTE: by mutations, we do not mean you'll turn into a ninja turtle or something crazy...it just means the structures for replication of DNA become improperly altered and replication essentially runs wild instead of being a limited process)

However, you should listen to your mom and get to sleep because it can cause other health issues by weakening your immune system and therefore making you more vulnerable to disease.

- Micheleh92
It might be a fear your mom has for some reason unknown. But it absolutely "does not" cause that at all!!! The answer to that is NO. Or she might be saying that to you so you will get to sleep faster since sleep is very very important to your health. It can bring on colds and the flu without enough sleep. So be sure to do what she asks, sound like your mom cares about you alot anyways :-)

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