How long does leukemia take to show?

How long does leukemia take to show?
How long would the most common form of leukemia in a teen male take to show?? (as in the symptoms are heavily present)

Thanks for any answers! :)
i've heard that the most common type in teens is fast growing so how long is fast?

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I've written this many times on this site
- there are no specific symptoms for acute leukemias.
People with the non-specific symptoms are thousands of times more likely to have a viral infection than one of the many types of acute leukemias. There are only ~ 13,000 cases of AML in the USA each year. It is not a common disease in a teen male - though it can happen. I saw one teen male with AML in 20 years as a cancer and leukemia specialist doctor.
As far as rate of growth,
I would characterize acute myelogenous leukemia as "sneaky fast."
There is no lump that grows. It is a diffuse disease that infiltrates the bone marrow.
It grows 'like weeds in a garden' and chokes out the production of normnal blood cells - red cells, white cells, and platelets. Read this Mayo Clinic site. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/acute-myelogenous-leukemia/DS00548/DSECTION=symptoms

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