Leukemia contagious level?

Leukemia contagious level?
I was writting a paper and I wanted to know if Leukemia was contagious. The question I had was if a Leukemia affected person donated blood to an unaffected healthy person, would the the unaffected person have a chance(if so how much) at contracting the Leukemia? Thanks for your time!!

- Kristen
Leukemia is not contagious from person to person.

If a person with leukemia donated blood it could contaminate another persons blood. A normal person with a good immune system could fight off the cells but someone who is receiving a blood transfusion is already unhealthy and would likely be at risk for their cells mutating with it.

You'd really just have to do the research to understand it though.

Blood transfusions are not as safe as people act.

- Annabell M
Its not contagious, and someone with a healthy immune system can fight it off if it was transported through a blood transfusion.

- Nurse Susan
A person with leukemia normally would be anemic, and not pass the screening test [ blood drop ] to donate blood.
They would not knowingly allow them to donate.
A healthy person normally would be able to fight off any leukemic cells.

- Susan S
I used to wonder about this too.
A blood transfusion is not the same as a transplant. The immune system of the recipient would kill off the white blood cells of the leukemic donor because they are foreign tissue. These leukemic cells could not have a life in the recipient as long as the recipient has an immune system, so leukemia would not be contagious this way.
Many people have leukemia and don't know it, so blood banks would have a hard time if leukemia were contagious. And few people would be willing to receive a blood transfusion if they risked getting leukemia from doing so.

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