leukemia diagnosis?

leukemia diagnosis?
any one tht had leukemia or having leukemia. would u be kind enough to tell me ur experiences with them and the procedure of diagnosis? i just want ur opinions and not the fact from the other sites like wiki. thx soo much. does it hurt?
fortunetly, i dont have leukemia. but get well soon for those of you who has leukemia. i know it can be tough for some of you!

- HJ17
Hi. I have CML. I take chemo every day. They gave me 1 to 3 years to live and I have been here for 8 years now. It does hurt, you have to keep your mind in a good place. The chemo makes me feel queasy, and I can't eat meat anymore. It also kills your immune system and you have to be careful going anywhere, since sick people are everywhere, movies, grocery stores, everywhere. I feel sorry for my family - husband and daughter - I know it is harder on them, to see me like this, than it is on me. I try to be okay for them. I didn't have a match for a bone marrow transplant - so I just keep taking the chemo, I exercise and just do the best I can. It was diagnosed through a blood test - CBC. I had no energy, lost weight, and knew something was wrong. I hurt so much in my bones and just plain everywhere, more so before the chemo. Hope this helps.

- Sydney
i felt really tired, and everything acked really weak too

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