Signs of Leukemia in an 18 month old?

Signs of Leukemia in an 18 month old?
My daughter had some strange lab results- including elevated platelet counts and deteriorating red blood cells. She also fights fevers and chills a lot and is always tired. She has a slight rash that looks like little red bumps all over her body and we're being referred to a hematologist. The doctor who last saw her wouldn't tell me exactly what he thought, but he acted very somber about it all. I'm afraid it's leukemia. She's also extremely pale.
Does anyone know other sighs to watch for or have any other ideas of what this may be? Please pray for my baby girl..

- stephanie n
my nephew had leukaemia ,he is fine now ,he was 12 when diagnosed ,he had bruises and was sore in his limps ,he was very pale and just unwell .he had blood tests and was diagnosed.You really need to wait for the results ,she may just have anaemia.low iron ,Ill hope so ,but remember they can do a lot these days and most kids are cured.

- iluvhipos

Symptoms of leukemia depend on how much the cancer has grown and may include:

* Fevers and night sweats.
* Frequent or unusual infections.
* Weakness and fatigue.
* Headaches.
* Bruising of the skin and bleeding from the gums or rectum.
* Joint pain.
* Swelling in the belly or pain on the left side of the belly or in the left shoulder from a swollen spleen.
* Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, neck, or groin.
* Decreased appetite and weight loss because you feel full and don't want to eat.

i will pray for you. if the doctor you are seeing will not talk to you you should get second opinion. and if she does have leukemia (knock on wood) ya'll should come to st.jude childrens research hospital in memphis,tn. they provide housing and pay for everything(the medical bills, travel costs)

The chronic forms of leukemia often cause no symptoms until much later in the disease.

- lividuva
My daughter had leukaemia (AML) Her blood counts were totally different, she had extremely low platelets and haemoglobin and needed a transfusion for both. She also had no neutrophils, these fight infections. You baby maybe fighting something (would explain the fever) I also read that some infections can cause high platelets. Have a look at some website for thrombocytosis, (there are lots of reasons other then leukaemia) I added a website already. Its very frustrating when the doctors wont even give you an idea. Wishing you and your family all the best

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