What is Leukemia.......?

What is Leukemia.......?
Hi, I am curious about leukemia. How is it transferred - through the blood? What are the symptoms? How does it affect ones' body? Etc.Thank you.

- k57e
go to americancancersociety.org

- Spreedog
It is a malignancy of the white blood cells. They crowd the bone marrow which produces all of the blood cells - red cells, many types of normal white cells, and platelets - so people with leukemia have deficient production of these normal blood cells. This leads to anemia, bleeding, and decreased resistance to infections.
It is not "transferred." It arises within the bone marrow of the person affected.

- missilverspoon
First of all leukemia is started in the bone marrow where the cells of the blood is formed. When a cancer cell starts in the bone marrow it soon mutates into an army of cancer cells. My doctor said the type of leukemia I am in remission from is like an army going to and fro without any supervision and it has to be treated vigorously with chemo to knock it down. The cells quickly cause your red and white blood cells to go to almost nothing. Sometimes your white cells go too high.It has to be treated with chemo,blood transfusions,plasma transfusions and platelet transfusions. My symptoms started when something went wrong with my liver and I was not absorbing calcium into my body and I broke my ankle just standing up. Then I had a blood cyst come up in under my arm and had to have surgery to get rid of it. Then I would hemmorhage in my private partts just by touching them. Then I starting feeling so tired and couldn't even walk 2 blocks without having to stop and rest. Then I got a bad migraine and went to the emergency room where they did a cbc test and it came back and that is how they found my leukemia but then to add to the diagnosis they had to do a bone marrow test. As far as the effects on the body you are so tired and can't eat much and then you get so many body aches. In my case it had damaged my heart so bad that I would have died before it had gotten too big of a hold on me. Mine had not gotten out into the main blood stream when they found it. I had the apl form of aml leukemia. There are many different forms of leukemia and there are many treatments for it as well. I sincerely hope that I have helped you in some way.I will have been in remission 1 year on August 4th.

- Andrei West
Leukemia is a cancer (malignant disease) of the blood or 'bone marrow', (soft tissue found in the hollow interior of the bone.) It is characterized by the uncontrolled production of abnormal blood cells, usually white blood cells.

You can read more here: http://www.healthocrates.com/Leukemia

- A. M
here u have an informative video: Leukema - What is it?

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Leukemia — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatment of this blood-related cancer.

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