Am i good enough for columbia University?

Am i good enough for columbia University?
Hi im going to be a senior in high school next year and the college anxiety has already struck me.
My dream college is Columbia University and johns Hopkins is running a pretty close second. I've spent many days looking at forums such as these trying to see if maybe i have what it takes to get into Columbia. I want to apply early decision to Columbia University and i really would like some input on whether or not i should apply early decision here or to Johns Hopkins.
Here is my profile:
I plan on getting a 34 on my ACT at least, i got a 33 but im retaking it.
740 Math level 2, and 750 Biology, (might retake them)
I have a weighted GPA of 4.15
I have an unweighted GPA of 3.75
Class Rank: 19 out of 420 students
I've taken 4 AP's my junior year and i am going to take 4 AP's my senior year.
I am Vice President of my school's Rotary Interact Club
I will be editor in chief of my school's newspaper
I am also 12th grade representative for CSF ( California Scholarship Federation)
I am lead mentor for a group called Kick Off which mentors Freshman
I was entertainment editor my junior year for my newspaper
I was reporter for my Interact Club my junior year as well
I have played on the varsity tennis team for 3 years. ( not sure if i have time senior year though)
I did Teakwondo for 2 years and got my black belt. I have also assisted the teacher during the classes.
I choreographed a dance routine that was performed for an organization called Vibha.
I was also part of a group called BRO, which went to middle schools and elementary schools and talked to the kids about drugs and alcohol.
I volunteered at the local library and helped kids with their summer reading programs.
I put together the toy drive for our Interact Club where as a club we raised money and bought presents for the kids in our community that could not afford gifts for Christmas.
I also took part in the Students With a Heart for Haiti where students individually raised money to donate to those in need for haiti.
I also took part in Pennis For Patients where we raised money for people who were diagnosed with Leukemia.
Theres a lot of other stuff but i have about 70+ ours of community service, I just cant write all this stuuf write now because im not supposed to be on the computer, im supposed to be studying but this situation has been bothering me. but anyways.

So thats basically my profile not sure if i left anything out. i have looked on Columbia's website and they say there is no minimum GPA and rank and test scores, but that just confuses me. I hear that they look for passion, but how can i show i have passion? How do i know if im good enough? these are the questions that haunt me each day.

I know this is alot to read and i thank those who took the time. Let me know if its a better decisions to apply ED to Columbia or Johns Hopkins. Am i good enough for Columbia? Please let me know and especially if u already go to Columbia, feel free to write ur heart out. Thanks again!

- ▐▀▀☟▀▀▌ ☞Maddie☜ ▐▄▄☝▄▄▌
Your profile sounds pretty damn good to me.

- Punartham
you sure are. try hard and you will get it

- Ridiculous
your gpa needs to be a 4.0 unweighted, so that's pretty lacking. your rank is also pretty terrible, since columbia rejects thousands and thousands of valedictorians every year and you're not even in the top 10. the ACT looks good, but of course, the 34 would be better. your SAT IIs are also fine. i would strongly suggest applying ED to hopkins because you're more in their range.

- holaaloha12345
You have a lot of activities. But do any of them mean anything more to you than a line on your college app? If even only one of these activities holds this distinction, then you have a passion. It doesn't matter what your passion is; what matters is how you write about it.

For example, I wrote about my love for track. I'm 100% sure that i was not the only person to write about track and field (or any sport); it's a very generic topic. How then did i get into Columbia with my essay? ...I had to ask myself why I love track and how does it affect my life. I then needed to be able to articulate this in a way that was both original and personal. This generally means to stay away from the "i lost the big game/race but learned something in doing so" story or the "playing this sport has taught me about life" story unless you can honestly take your name out of the essay and still have it solely pertain to you.

As for my essay, I connected my love for track with my decision to take anatomy and phys honors this year instead of ap bio (that in itself shows that I care more about learning than gpa and class rank), as well as my creation of and adherence to a 12-week track summer training regimen (this conveyed a certain maturity and determination about me). Based off the essay, one should be able to tell that track holds a much more personal and substantial value to me then a runner who wrote his essay on the "big win." If you would like to read my essay, I would be happy to let you do so, granted that no plagiarizing will follow.

As to your strength as an applicant, I say that you do have a shot. You have the stats. Unfortunately, so do many other applicants. The essay is what needs to set you apart.

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