childhood leukemia symptoms?

childhood leukemia symptoms?
I'm 12 i've been having leukemia symptoms ( I know I looked them up!) except bruising. Well i get red spots that feel like bruises but then they go but I can still feel the bruise? I'm just curious a doctor isn't going to say that you don't have leukemia just because my bruises are not visible?
ok..., let me say it again there are bruises that look like a red spot but they hurt like a bruise so I don;t know what they are. and yea I am under a doctors survaillence ( I don't know howw to spell that...) but its a totally different department they know nothing about cancer....but thanks
all you guys think you know everything! ONE MY ACCOUNT IS A JOINT ACCOUNT SHARED WITH MY TWO SISTERS AND BROTHER! And sometimes it takes longer than an hour to get results and it did. I got my bone marrow biopsy and it didn't turn out good so all you who said I'm a LIAR I'm not and if you think I am thats your problem! ( my sister is 14 and she had a brain tumor don't respond if your not going to help!

- Laura
even though there aren't bruises, the doctor will give you a blood test. the blood test will verify if you have leukemia or not. You have to tell him that you want a blood test though. Tell your parents.

- thinkingtime
You said in another response that you had a brain tumor in grade 6. Surely you are still under a doctor's care for that?

- Winterlove
Uhh I think your a joke for one in another question you said your 14.. Another you said you saw a doctor.If he/she had any suspicion of a cancer such as leukemia he would have already made you fo to a children's hospital.They would do a simple blood test that takes about an hour to get results,if anything abnormal they would do a bone marrow biopsy.So if you are actually serious somehow don't be worried you don't have leukemia.

I had high risk b acute lymphocytic leukemia when I was 3-5 and have it came back now at 18.

- Little Leny

PS-I was as old as you are now when I beat cancer twice. MAN UP!

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