Can blood work detect leukemia?

Can blood work detect leukemia?
I'm a hypochondriac if you may and have recently worried about getting leukemia. I had a blood test a month ago to detect low blood sugar. Can blood work detect leukemia, or show signs of it? My blood work has come back fine, I'm just asking to settle my worries.

- sandra t
yes blood work does detect leukemia. your white and red blood cells will be abnormal.

- M S
99.99% yes, My cousin was dx with stage 1 @ 23 , they discover it when he went to donate blood

- HJ17
Joe - Relax! I have leukemia. Get it off your mind. I was diagnosed after the first blood test. Do not worry. I would bet anything that you do not have leukemia. It is a rare cancer, not like TV and the movies is making it out to be lately. Just take care of your blood sugar so you don't get diabetes (something else to worry about) and enjoy your good health. Enjoy your life, don't worry, life is too short for all of that. Take care.

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