Can I give a feline leukemia vacine to my cat without "testing" for the diease? I can't afford the tests.

Can I give a feline leukemia vacine to my cat without "testing" for the diease? I can't afford the tests.
I have 18 cats, I just founf out ONE has feline leukemia. I want to buy vacines & just give it to the others. Someone said "no, it might kill them" some say "it won't hurt", They said if they have the disease already it'd set it off & they'll be dead in days. They want $ 50.00 PER CAT to test them prior to giving the vacine, I can't afford that. Do I give the others the shots or just sit & pray?

- kyoxxdie88
I think they do that to prevent it.. so it should definutely be okay and is a good idea.

- wenchgirl04
I would vaccinate all of them to help insure that if they dont have it they dont get it and have the one that has it euthanized. If you give it to your cats and some of them die because of it then they may have had the disease anyway and would have had to have been put down anyhow.

- ali a
just sit and pray im scared that if you give them the vaccine they will die if not just ask a vet

- Maureena
Years ago I took in 3 shelter cats; 2 had FIP in their systems. The older one was negative so the vet said he could vaccinate her but she would have to live somewhere else for about a week, so that's what we did. The baby, Max, died at 6 mos. from FIP which is a horrible, horrible disease. Little One is still, knock wood, fine after 11 years (the FIP stayed dormant), and the one that was vaccinated is also fine. I would say, as my vet told me, that once a cat tests positive for FIP he cannot be vaccinated. I think it would be a mistake for you to try to vaccinate the others on your own. Can you isolate the one that tested positive, or find him another home so that he won't shed the virus and infect the others? Good luck to you; you seem like a real animal lover.

- Jennifer C
I don't know who "They" are, if it's a vet or a humane society, but I recommend calling the humane society and telling them about your situation. Their prices tend to be much lower than other vets, and it is their mission to save animals humanely.

Ask if maybe you can get a bulk discount or something. In the meantime, make sure you isolate the one with FeLv. It can be transmitted by them eating from the same dish. I lost a cat once because of that exact situation.

I'm sorry one of your cats is sick. I hope none of the other ones get it. While it's very noble of you to open your home to so many needy animals, you might want to reconsider having 18 cats if you can't afford veterinary care for all of them. I hope they're all fixed too. If not, maybe you can bring that up with the humane society too and see if they can help you out.

Good luck.

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