Bone Pain and Anemia? Is Leukemia a Possibility?

Bone Pain and Anemia? Is Leukemia a Possibility?
Hi, I am a 25 yo female. About a month ago, I had a routine CBC drawn, which showed that I was mildly anemic (RBC was 3.4, Hgb was 11.2, and Hct was 34.3). My WBC was normal at 6.5, and my platelet count was also normal at 227. I did not have any symptoms at the time and did not think much of it.
About a week ago, I started experiencing some diffuse bone pain(or what seems like bone pain anyways); it started in my left upper arm and felt like something was literally inflating inside my bone. It would come and go, coming on as a deep, dull ache and intensifying over the course of a minute or so to the point of pretty severe pain, and then just tapering off. Over the course of the past week, I've had the same type of pain in all the long bones in both extremities. Sometimes the pain will remain a constant deep ache; other times, the pain is very intermittent and may not hurt at all for a couple hours, but if I use my arms to carry something or walk around a lot, it will intensify to the point of me not being able to think of much else. I saw a PA at my Dr's office a couple days ago, but all she did was take an x-ray of my left humerus, which looked fine.
On top of this, I've noticed some symptoms from the anemia: extreme fatigue, dizziness/palpitations/tachycardia upon standing from a lying position. I wouldn't say that I'm extremely pale though, and, on a side note, I haven't had any fevers/infections or bleeding.
I have had some GI issues (what seem like IBS symptoms...abdominal pain, constipation at times, diarrhea at times, small amounts of blood in my stool at times) off and on for a few years now but haven't had any recent symptoms until some diarrhea today. I don't know if that's at all related but figured I'd mention it.
Anyway, my question is: should I be worried about something like leukemia? For people who have had leukemia, does the bone pain I've described sound like what you experienced or was it completely different? Do you have any other ideas as to what might be going on with me? I'm really not the type to worry or complain, but this just doesn't seem normal. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank-you.

- Allyson Sebastian
Actually those are really the signs of leukemia, but there's only a low rate of possibility that you are catching this kind of severe disease. But the best thing to do is to consult your doctor. They know everything about that matter. And if ever, but hopefully not, you have it, they will more likely prevent it. And eventually cure it. I'll pray for a leukemia-free result. Take care!

- Hil'Lesha
While I don't work in the medical field, I'd have it checked out. Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis may also be a possibility since tiredness and muscle pain is the main issue. You could also be low on potassium, which I had the problem with in the past and experienced the same issues. I also have Anemia.

- Robin
It could be. I would suggest you get another CBC in two weeks to see if
Your labs have changed, esPecially the platelets and hemoglobin. Platelets are
Usually the first blood count to drop, anything above 140 is normal (140,000)
WBC can either be high or very low. Are you running any low grade temps?
Also with leukemia your liver and spleen will usually be enlarged. Your dr
Can determine that by feeling your belly. Right now your hemoglobin isn't
Too low, mine always ranges in that area but your other symptoms warrant
Further CBC to make sure nothing drops drastically.

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Leukemia Problems Remedies | FIGHT CANCER INFO
Leukemia — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatment of this blood-related cancer.

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