Cancer of the blood Questions?

Cancer of the blood Questions?
So for one of my classes, we have to create a "bionic man". we must create a medical device or technique that will theoretically improve people. my section was on cancer. so i came up with this:
By injection nanotechnology in your blood, they can detect if a cell is cancerous and if it is, it marks it. so to treat a blood cancer, like leukemia, we were going to then in essence filter the blood and the cancer cells would be larger because of the attached nanoparticle so they would be filtered out. this then leaves no cancerous cells in the blood, but problem; wouldn't the bone marrow just make more cancerous cells OR would an increase of White Blood Cells fight the bad bone marrow and thus curing teh cancer?

This assignment is for HS so not like MD school. I need so help on either this or other medical internventions that could help with cancer in some form from treatment to detection. i understand its hard because if it was feasible, then it would already be preacticed.

Thank you
thank you. and we must have two types of medical interventions. my second one is called "nanobombs". so it attached to the cancerous cells or mass. then using radio waves, we find where it is in the body and shot a laser which then blows up the cells and cancerous masses. any other ideas? thank you for responding.
thanks tenesha but we must create our own medical intevention or pill.

- Tarkarri
Love the way you are heading with this.

It's great to have fresh ideas being put out there.

Why not take your nanobots a step further and have them seek out and destroy the faulty bone marrow?

- bkdaniels2006
Basically, yes: The bone marrow would more likely produce more cancerous cells. Mainly because cancers effecting the bone marrow are ofter secondary cancers. This means that it is the site other cancers metastasize to. For example, if the cancer is in the liver, it then spreads to the bone marrow. When this happens, changes occur to normal blood cells.

The normal blood cells no longer are able to transport oxygen and other nutrients to the various organs of the body. For this reason, one would need a nanoparticle, for example, to mark the bad gene. These genes are known as oncogenes.

Every cancer goes through a genetic transformation. Normal calls are ordered to behave like cancer. With the change in genetic information, it is difficult to change or test the genetic tendency of each cell. Perhaps, if we could find the one cell that defects all the other we could correct it. So, the modest invention would be for this nanotechnology to reveal this defective oncogene.

You would think all the good ideas are taken, but it is not until you begin to study medicine before you realize they are not. There is plenty of room to be creative. Old discoveries are being improved and new one are being developed. So, don't ever assume an idea has been taken. Just think what would have happened if Thomas Edison, or either one of the other great inventors, would have believed that.

Hope this answers your question!

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