Chemotherapy and Male Fertility?

Chemotherapy and Male Fertility?
My husband was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March. ALL is an extremely rapidly progressing cancer and it was necessary to begin chemotherapy immediately. We were unable to store any of his sperm prior to treatment. He is currently on his 3rd of 8 chemo cycles and the drugs used are cyclophosphamide, methotraxate, doxirubicin, and vincristine through his picc as well as 16 interthecal treatments of cyclophosphamide and methotraxate (8 each).

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? If so, for how long was his fertility affected? Were you able to have healthy children later? My husband is not opposed to using donor sperm if he will be unable to conceive...but we would really like to know what the possibility will be of him having one of his "own".

We have discussed this with our doctor and he says, "miracle babies happen everyday" and thinks with time it may possible given my husband's age (28) and impeccable health (other than the cancer, he is beautifully fit and healthy). I just want to hear other people's personal experience.

- norton g
Mrs. Ford, I am sorry for your husband's condition and know you both have a very difficult decision to make about becoming natural parents of your own child. You probably know that ALL has the best chance of being cured of all the different kinds of leukemia, and many patients with ALL have been completely cured. It is impossible to know what will happen. While under chemotherapy, fertility is likely to be impaired which means that many of the sperm made in his body may well be abnormal, resulting in a defective fetus or failed attempts at pregnancy. If you two want your own natural child, it would be best to wait, pray for him to be cured of his ALL, and then have as many children as you wish. After the success of his chemotherapy, which I pray for, his sperm production has a good chance to return to normal enough to father a child. Do not rush to assume the responsibility of being a parent now till you know how your husband's health will turn out. In your twenties, you are both young enough to become parents later, naturally or with another sperm donor.

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