childhood cancer symptoms?

childhood cancer symptoms?
i am 14 and went to the doctor because i developed a really sore throat and had some flu like symptoms but no fever. She felt my neck and found enlarged glands and said i have an infection. she tested for strep throat but it was negative. she just told me that because of the enlarged gland, i should be put on anti biotics. could i have leukemia or lymphoma. today i have a killer headache and i am very dizzy. the sore throat went away a week ago. I am very scared. can she just say "you have an infection, i dont know where but i am putting you on antibiotics anyway"? thats what she told me. there wasn't any closer on what the cause was. help me

- ♥I'm Me♥
I'm NOT trying to scare you..but an allergist told my brother he only had a sinus infection when in fact, he had cancer!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to St. Judes or a well-Known bigger hospital!!!!!!!!! I'm in the process of trying to get my son a frigion diagnoses for his kidney issues and idiots fool doctors around here are dragging their damn feet!!!!!!! It could be allergies, especially since the sore throat went away..But, Don't be afraid to get a 2nd opinion. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

- ztim
Your doctor is jumping to conclusions. Why didn't she mention the other millions of things it could be? As far as the antibiotics goes, she is covering all the bases just in case it is an infection. Docs do it all the time.

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