Children's weight?

Children's weight?
My three-year-old son is 3ft2" and weighs twenty pounds. When we took him to the doctors a few months ago, we discovered he was underweight with a BMI of 9.3 and he saw a paediatrician. After he didn't gain weight, doctors thought it was just a phase and left it. Not long ago, he started bruising frequently for no reason, complaining of headaches and aching bones and looking extremely pale.

My son is now undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphocytic leukemia and he is still very underweight, but in time he will hopefully get better. So here's my question - out of interest, what are your children's weights and have you ever been very concerned about it?

- Pesky Plumber
I just turned 15 and I'm 5'6 and 155 lbs....So I'm average

why am I getting thumbs down?

- Rhianna G
My daughter is 17 months old. Shes 23-24 pounds and 32 inches tall. Shes underweight but im not worried. I'm so sorry about your son.

- chicabonita
My one year old boys are 16 and 17 pounds.

I am very sorry to hear about your son's medical problems, but I am glad he is getting the treatment he needs now.

As a child, I had trouble gaining weight as well. I was in a car seat until 4th grade because i didn't weigh enough. I still have problems maintaining my weight (I am 4'9" and 90 lbs as a full grown woman). Low weight isn't necessarily a sign of health problems, but shouldn't be ignored.

- marsh
Wow... I wish you & your son the best. My son's weight has been a concern of mine for quite some time. He's 2 years & 3 months old and weighs 24 lbs. He's also short for his age.. 10th percentile for height. He gains weight at a slow pace... he doesn't eat much. He has to drink 2 bottles of PediaSure everyday to ensure that he's getting his proper nutrition. It's tough at times but I'm just hoping it's a phase. I just pray about the issue & continue to do the best I can w/ helping him to gain weight. It's really all I can do...

- HeartSIN
I'm so sorry to hear of you son's medical difficulties, but you are very fortunate to have known him, and hopefully the treatment will go well and you will get to enjoy his company for many many years to come.

As for childrens' weights,

When I was born, I was 21 inches and 10lbs 5oz, which put me in the 90-95 percentile for length and above the 95th percentile for weight. My BMI (which I just calculated lol) was 16. 44 (I looked up baby BMI, but I'm not sure if it's different depending upon the age of the person, but that seems to low for my birthweight). I was a chubby little baby, so my parents were never worried about me being underweight lol.

Now I'm 5'8" and I way 132lbs so my BMI is around 20. I'm not concerned about being underweight, but I do have to be careful, because I lose weight too easily. I lost 8 pounds over one weekend because I had the flu and couldn't eat enough, so that's always a worry.

I've had a lot of health issues, and when I was in the seventh grade my parents and doctors were concerned that I might have leukemia, but the test turned out negative, and none of my health issues have been weight related.

Having children with health issues is scary (my mom wasn't at all sure that I would live past 12 - I did) especially when the kid is very young.

I wish you luck, and I hope all goes well with you son. My thoughts are with you.

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