Why does no one seem to know of Wylie Draper's death?

Why does no one seem to know of Wylie Draper's death?
Wylie was the guy who played the teen and 20 something Michael in The Jacksons: An American Dream.
I'm 15 so he died before I was born.
There's no way i could count the milions of times i've seen the jackson movie.
I decided to finally find out who the guy was who played Michael.I wikipedia has nothing, idmb has one sentence. I looked all over and found nothing.
Why has no one heard of his death?
I know that he died at 24 of a rare form of leukemia.
Is there any info that can be found somewhere on the web?
If you've ever seen The Jacksons:An American Dream
the story of the Jackson 5
he was the guy that played the older Michael Jackson

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Who is that?

- markwillstar
Who the heck is that?

his name isnt famous
He hasnt done anything to get known or id have heard of him

thats why he isnt known to be dead.


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whos wylie draper?

- !!!
I know. So tragic. I just finished watching the movie and he was such a good actor and dancer. I heard he was even in the "Remember the Time" music video.
He died when I was 5.
: (

- uh...i forgot
I know im 16 and i could never find any information on him i know just as much as you do about him such a good actor too bad he died 2 months after the movie was released someone put a youtube video tribute to him and he played in like 1 other movie and 1 tv episode that aired after he died someone said he was a dancer in the remember the time video it was so sad how he died and no one remembered him email me if you find anything else about him boodle231900@yahoo.com

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