Could it be lymphoma?

Could it be lymphoma?
Well, to start, I just turned 12, but this is my sister's account that we share, so it's all good. I have reasons to believe that I have lymphoma. I was diagnosed with critical, systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of five and I am currently getting Remicade infusions that weaken my immune system to ease the progression of joint damage. A rare but existing side effect is certain cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma. I've been quite fatigued and weak in the past 3 months, have night sweats, and have regular and very painful back discomfort which my JRA doesn't cause. A few websites have claimed the back pain, if from lymphoma, is because expanding lymph nodes and cells in the area. Last, I found 5 smaller but still enlarged nodes in my neck and 1 node behind my ear that was about 2 cm in diameter around when this all started that were confirmed as enlarged lymph nodes by my pediatrician. These nodes later shrunk to normal size besides the largest one which is now half the size. I was last sick about 6 months ago so I don't believe it's from an infection or anything. And now, I have found that two under my chin and one along my jaw line are the size of a quarter when I roll over them. These lymph nodes do not hurt unless I've been messing with them for a while. My mother is a nurse and I've tried to tell her about the nodes, now I think I'm just annoying her since she tells me not to worry about it. She took me to 2 of my doctors (pediatrician and family doctor) when I only had the 6 and they dismissed it as "Oh, probably just an infection... Don't worry about it." but, my pediatrician did mention it could be lymphoma and to contact her if anything serious happens.

So, my questions to you are:

Do you think it is lymphoma? I don't want to ask my mom about lymphoma because she might think that I'm just thinking too far into things.

Do enlarged lymph nodes shrink down to normal size and reappear later on or in a different place when you have lymphoma?

Please, if you have any information or think you can help, leave an answer even if it's just a tip, this is really upsetting and frightening.
I looked up some cases of lymphoma online and some people said that before and even a short period of time after diagnosis, their regular blood work and count was normal. Do you need a specific test to detect lymphoma or should it already be searched for in normal blood work? (And, also, my last infusion I had was quite normal until they were ordered to draw more blood than usual. My mother was pulled out of the room for a minute, she never told me why. Should I be concerned about this or do you think it's normal to occasionally draw more blood, maybe to begin different tests than usual?)

- SapphireTigress
With you having RA, you are undergoing regular blood work. Any abnormalities from leukemia/lymphoma would manifest there very quickly, especially in your white count. If you're at your baseline, and your mom (an RN) and your doctor are not worried, I think you can be at ease about this.

Lymphoma does not migrate; it spreads. Therefore, the size of the enlarged lymph nodes should stay or grow, not shrink and pop up somewhere else instead.

I know you're sick and you spend a lot of time with the doctor because of your RA. You're being medically monitored. Go live your life to the fullest and know you're being watched very closely already.

- Matthew

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