How do children with leukemia look like?

How do children with leukemia look like?
i mean like the child definately has leukemia how would they look like? would they be paler than other kids? and some details pleasee.. im writing a paperr.. thxx

- Melody
Leukemia can cause anemia, which results in the person looking pale. Depending on the type of chemotherapy/radiation they receive, they may lose part of or all of their hair on the head and on other parts of their bodies. Many choose to wear hats; others may feel confident enough not to wear hats.

The drugs and therapies used to treat cancer cause depression, vomiting (thus significant weight loss and even malnutrition if they are not properly cared for) joint pain, and many other problems.

They may be in a wheelchair due to being weak or joint pain.

- brittany
well i wasnt a kid when i had leukemia i was 20 but this is how i looked at diff times, i was very pale bruised easily during treatment i lost all my hair (everywhere, managed to keep part of an eyebrow idk how lol) i lost ALOT of weight went from about 140lbs to 90 my skin turned yellow as well as the whites of my eyes and my eyes became very sunk in and that was when i was at my worst in treatment i couldnt eat cause the chemo had caused sores on my throat making it near impossible to swallow but i have been in full remission since july 08 if u have any more questions feel free to email me im very open about what i went through =) good luck on your paper

- Stephen
pale with bruising

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