do i have Anemia or leukemia?

do i have Anemia or leukemia?
im 19 ive had a history of anemia coming back and forth throughout my childhood but i don't ever remember feeling like this ive been feeling very weak and tired after sleeping for a good time and ive been having killer head aches especially when i stand up i cant concentrate and i get cold a lot my skin is pale and i have gotten random bruises and i seem to be getting sick a lot lately. I have no idea what it might be though.

- Seriphos
go see a doctor...people on yahoo answers aren't going too give you a true answer...

but if you must...


hope this helps..otherwise see a doctor.

- Jane
It should be anemia.. coz when you are anemic you tend to have reduced red blood cell count than normal... hence oxygen supply to the brain is reduced that's where you feel giddy and weak.. you just need to check your haemoglobin levels and take lots of iron containing food like dates... Cause of anemia is lower iron level which is necessary for haemoglobin HB and hb carries oxygen to different parts of the body, hence your whole body tend to feel weak..

- Spreedog
No 19 year old has acute leukemia for years on end.
Chronic leukemias are virtualy unknown in this age range.
Whatever you have, it is not acute myelogenous or lymphocytic leukemia.
We would need a complete medical history and physical examination and a complete blood count and a look at your peripheral blood smear to hazard an accurate medical guess.
Your primary care physician is the best person to answer this question.

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