Feline Leukemia???????

Feline Leukemia???????
about 2 days ago my cat had stoped eating little to none.. and he was just laying around so i took him today to the vet. he is about 4 years old. the vet who ive trusted for over 10 years told me that the was runing a 105.8 fever. so he said it could be either Feline Leukemia or a virus. so he tested him and keep him overnight and today sometime hes suppose to call and tell me.. he told me if its Feline Leukemia that theres not much he can do but if its a virus he can treat it.. so anyone else been through this and do you think my cat has it?

- Georgette G
You will have to wait for the confirmation of the titter test. Let's hope it is a virus and not FIP.

If it is the wet form of FIP, the cat will not live very long. It is very difficult to watch a beloved animal sick with FIP.

Listen to your vet that you have come to respect. If need be, get a second oppinion. My heart is with you. Let's hope it is not FIP.

- chigwell_shell
Georgette G, Feline Leukemia is FeLV not FIP !!

Hopefully it is just a virus, Has your vet sent off the bloods off for testing ? An in-house test doesnt always give you a correct reading.

Well fingers crossed it is not FeLV xx

If it does prove to be FeLV then the kindest thing to do is let your cat go, He will not recover from it and will go downhill very quickly. Its a cruel thing FeLV and sadly there is no treatment for it.
Still hoping it isnt FeLV, I am surprised your vet is thinking along those lines so early

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