Do you like my Poem? It's For My Nan Who Died Of Cancer?

Do you like my Poem? It's For My Nan Who Died Of Cancer?
Okay I Suck At Poems but i think this is relatively Okay

Its For My Nan who died on the 22nd of Oct 2008 she died of Leukemia....Nan This is for you.
Nan I know you are gone and it's so sadly unfair
We all now know that your in god's loving care.

You watch us cry for you and I wish we could start over new sadly we know that's a Impossibility
We will love you for a eternity.

I feel your love around me and when your are near
I just want you to know that we admire you for all the move you have shared.

You wont be forgotten as you live on forever in our hearts
Now only memories remain until we meet again.
By Me - Sophie Lewis
Sorry i wrote a mistake just one where it says more i meant love


- Diane
I like it a lot. Usually poems are better written when real feeling is put into it.

- Wendy b
This is wonderful. I am 58 and I have 2 grands, 3 and 18 months. I adore them but I know I will die before they get all grown up, as most grands do, but Grandparents have a special place in the grand's hearts most often and you have expressed it so well. Your poem blesses me as if it were from mine after I am gone, for I will never get to read any written after I am dead to me :) But I'll see you all in heaven ;)

- terriann6391
That's A Really Nice Poem I Am Sorry For Your Loss

DON'T Ever Feel This Poem Sucks It's A Good One

- brittkeynes<3
awe, this is really great, there is so much emotion in it, it's really beautiful, you must have loved her very much, that much is evident from your writing. i'm very sorry about your loss,cancer is horrible.

- dogsbestfriend27
It was good. It came from your heart. You should embroider it and frame it. I did that with a poem and it turned out really good. Sorry to hear about your Nan. My mom passed away June 4th, 09. Then a co-worker passed away yesterday.

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