How long can grandma live with leukemia?

How long can grandma live with leukemia?
My friend's grandma is 84 and was just diagnosed with leukemia. I don't want to ask my friend to upset her, but I was wondering is anyone know what the average lifespan is once an elderly person is diagnosed?

- Lab Guy
In reality there are many types of leukemia and divided into two clinically. Acute leukemia refers to leukemia that can cause loss of life within months IF left untreated. Chronic leukemia's typically take years in order to cause problems.

The elderly have an increased incidence of chronic lymhocytic leukemia that typically one can live with it for 10 or more years without it causing any major life threatening situations. Most of these people die of another condition unrelated to their leukemia.

If they were recently diagnosed with CLL then at her age it would not be a problem and would be left untreated.

- Rubym
It varies, depending on how bad it is now.There is no way of saying because individuals vary so much.

But a lot of older people have leukemia, and the main symptoms are bruising and infections are more common. A lot of older people with Leukemia who die actually die of heart disease, stroke etc. instead of the cancer. If she is bleeding there is danger of stroke, so it could be indirect.

Some older people chose not to go on treatment, others do. It depends on their other health issues and how sick they are. Sometimes pain medications and other things to help them are given instead of chemo or radiation, others want to fight to the end even in their 90's.

I hope she does well and I hope it is a case that is really a bad form of anemia.

- nageshanilayaprathama
Did she had bad habits that may determine

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